My Last Lecture

Randy Pausch tells of how he was able to achieve his childhood dreams in his “Last Lecture” series.  Dying of pancreatic cancer was a setback for him but he was able to bounce back into a state of optimism where he was extremely comfortable living with his condition for what little time he had left.  Not only was he so positive but he was also very strong, being able to accomplish what many other people only dream (literally) of doing.  He wanted nothing more than to spark the interest of the audience in the fulfillment of their own childhood dreams.

One of my biggest childhood dreams was to one day attain the most successful idea of the American Dream as possible.  Being with my husband and kids, working long hours to make enough money, and living in a nice house with a picket fence was all I ever wanted.  Although recently this dream has somewhat changed for me, I still long for success and wealth to do the things that I love.  To achieve this, I must stay positive like Pausch and be willing to work harder than ever.

Another of my childhood dreams was being an Olympic gymnast.  Gymnastics was a huge part of my life before high school and I was completely dedicated to every moment.  When I had to quit my sophomore year, I had to stay positive in order to have a mindset willing to try new and interesting things.  I picked up more dance classes and I started cheerleading which was just as exciting to me.  To be able to still accomplish this childhood dream would mean that I would have to get back to training.  Even though it wouldn’t be easy, Pausch makes me think that it would be completely worth it.

Pausch mentioned many closing lessons for the audience to remember and think about.  He mentioned being prepared, never giving up, and working hard for the things you love.  My favorite message was when he said “Brick walls show who really wants it and who doesn’t.”  Oftentimes when something goes wrong we will become pessimistic and defeated.  He calls us to rise up and continue on.  Only very few people are strong enough to do something like that but only very few people will ever be able to accomplish their dreams.

Pausch tells us that in order to enhance the dreams of others he became a professor, where he thought he would have the most impact on the lives of children.  He always offered encouragement to his students and stuck up for them, knowing that they could achieve great things.  He feels the same way about his audience and wants all of us to triumph in our wildest dreams.  Pausch realizes that to accomplish your childhood dreams requires a lot of perseverance.  He motivates us to work to the highest of our capabilities and act on what we can before we become too old and start regretting that we hadn’t.

My strongest words of advice for anyone trying to fulfill their childhood dreams would be to carry on no matter what.  If someone has a dream, it is destiny meant to be followed and I strongly suggest anyone to find enough courage to actually get up and follow it.

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